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- females -

SACC Grand Champion
ChaCha Pizzazz

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KwaZulu Natal Top cat 2015
Best Persian Adult, Best Persian overall
Pizzazz is Natal Top cat 2015!!!

KwaZulu Natal Top Cat 2014
Best Persian/Exotic Kitten
4th best cat Natal Top Cat 2014

SACC Show 29.03.2014

Judges Best of Breed award + Best Persian/Exotic kitten
Qualified in the top 12 all breeds for Best in show and placed 6th.

SACC Supreme Champion + CFSA Grand Champion + SACC NQ
Purrbridge Oooh La La of ChaCha

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Thank you Rindi for this little "gem"

30.July 2011 - CFSA show  Durban - 4 x Rubi awards and nominated in the second show

LuLu was a little star at her 1st show ever!

SACC show Durban 6th August 2011

Nominated in the top 12 all breeds - Breed Award for Persian
Best exotic/persian kitten - 2nd best on show
SACC KZN Top Cat 2011 - Regional awards
Nominated in the top 12 all breeds - placed 5th - Best Persian/Exotic kitten 2011
Best Persian/Exotic 2011

24.03.12 - SACC - Champion - Best Persian/Exotic Adult
Nominated for Top 12 all breeds and placed 3rd

28th April 2012 - CFSA Durban double All breeds show (6 rings)
Nominated for best Persian female both shows

2.July 2012 - SACC show - SACC Grand Champion
Awarded best of breed award + Best Persian/Exotic Adult
Nominated in top twelve all breeds and placed 3rd.

TOP CAT NATAL Best Persian/Exotic Adult 2012

Natal Top cat 2015 - nominated and placed 10th

SACC Champion
Kiyoko-Kats Kaunis of ChaCha
(Imp Portugal)

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Kwazulu Natal Top Cat 2015
nominated into the top 12 and placed 7th

SACC Grand Champion
ChaCha Fran Von Tasia

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Best Persian Kitten - Provencial Cat Society SACC 2016

Sire: TrpSpCh ChaCha Red Alert RQ,NQ
Dam: Ch ChaCha Pizzazz RW - Natal Top Cat 2015

SACC PCS Show 23rd April 2016 - Placed 6th in the top 12 all breedsPCS SACC show 23rd April 2016 - Nominated in the top 12 all breeds and placed 6th

PCS - SACC show 18th and 19th June
Judges Favourite award, Placed 12th in the 2nd show

SACC Champion
ChaCha Foxy Roxy

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ChaCha La Isla Bonita

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RQ COTY 2017

PCS show June 2017 - Best Persian/Exotic adult
Top twelve all breeds qualifier

8th April SACC show - Nominated in the top 12 all breeds and placed 7th

COTY 2017 Placed 8th in the kitten section
Ch ChaCha La Isla Bonita