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RQ, NQ COTY 2014

ChaCha Cupiedoll of Purrbridge

Natal Top Cat 2014 – Best Persian/Exotic Neuter

Some past kittens for your viewing pleasure....
all these kittens have been placed in their new homes and are not available.

Charlie Brown and Angelique doing what cats do best!

ChaCha Turbulence 
Black Male

Cha Cha Malinka Of Candid Look
Red Harlequin FEMALE

ChaCha Chrystal Dream of Silversea
Cream Bicolour FEMALE

ChaCha Kooko's of Kiyoko-Kats
Cream Solid FEMALE

ChaCha Checkmate

ChaCha BeeGee

Anton and Alexia @ 6 weeks old.

Chacha Spellbound

ChaCha Grand Prix

Proudly owned and beautifully shown by Natasha Venter.

Thank you so very much for giving Grandy the very best home Natasha.
I am so excited to see how he will do on the showbench!

ChaCha Le Mans of Purrbridge

Thank you Rindi for loving Manny as you do!  He has the greatest of homes

ChaCha Isabella of Ces´t La Vie

ChaCha Cupiedoll of Purrbridge
Dilute Calico Bicolour

I hope the "Doll" will bring you much joy on the showbench and in future litters Rindi.
Thank you for her wonderful home.

ChaCha Prelude to April of Mee-Ousers

Hope Tutti's bloodlines will help to lessen your loss Colleen.
Good luck with April.

CFSA Triple Supreme Champion
Balouchi Stars 'n' Stripes

Co-owned with Christelle Horne

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Silver mackerel tabby bicolour

CFSA - Natal Top Cat 2011 - 2nd best Male

25-04-09 - CFSA show - Best Persian male
26-04-09 - CASA show - Best Persian male, Best of Best, Best of Section
3rd April 2010 - WCF show - Best in Show and 2nd CAC
25th June 2011 - CFSA show - 3 x Gold awards and nominated for best Persian male

Champion - Durban 21st May 2011




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