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Chacha Strling Moss

 Natal Top Cat 2013 Top Cat

Best Persian/Exotic Neuter
Nominated in top twelve and placed 4th.

ChaCha Spellbound & Ixi Kiss My Love Kinnley & Chacha Strling Moss & Chacha Bubbliscious

SACC show - 07.07.2012

Chacha Strling Moss
Nominated in the top twelve all breeds - placed 11th
Best Persian/Exotic Neuter award.
Best Persian/Exotic adult award
4 x 1st in kitten class

CFSA Durban double All breeds show (6 rings)
28th April 2012

4x Rubi awards and nominated for best Persian/Exotic kitten both shows
4x Rubi awards and nominated for best Persian kitten 1st show
Oooh La La
Nominated for best Persian female both shows
Red Alert
Nominated for best Persian Male both shows
Best Overall Persian  2nd show
Nominated for best Persian Neuter both shows
Best Overall Persian 1st show

SACC show of 24.03.12
Oooh La La - SACC Champion
Best Persian/Exotic Adult award
Nominated for Top 12 all breeds and placed 3rd.
Stirling - SACC Premier
Best Persian/Exotic Neuter award
Nominated for Top 12 all breeds and placed 10th.

SACC KZN Top Cat 2011.

photo courtesy C.Horne


CFSA show 31.07.10

 Mischief Maker to Db.Spch.
Nominated in both shows + Best female and best Persian/Exotic overall
Dot.Com to Grch
Granded at her 1st Adult show!  Nominated + Received Judges favourite award
Bohemian Rhapsody to SpCh
Nominated + Best Male and best Persian/Exotic overall + Received Judges favourite award
Summerstar Singing the Blues - TrpGrCh
Red Alert
4 x Rubi awards - nominated + best kitten in both shows - Received 2 x Judges favourite awards
4 x Rubi awards

... some show pics

Kate and Dotty in the line-up - a picture of concentration!

Kate with Eddie...before he stuck his paw through "that hole" LOL.....

Kate with Bo. our new Supreme Champion, Best male and best Persian/Exotic overall

17.April 2010
we attended a CFSA show (double show) - 6 rings

Our Black Tortie girl ChaCha Mischief Maker - shown for the 1st time at CFSA achieved 5 gold and a silver.
So she is a Grand Champion. Mischief was nominated in the first and second show

She went on to achieve best female and best Persian in both shows.
She then did me extremely proud by being Cat of the day in both shows!!!

I am extremly proud of her and a little in awe. .......

ChaCha Bohemian Rhapsody - 3 Gold awards and 3 silver awards - Grand Champion
SummerStar Singing the Blues - 6 silver awards - now a Double Grand Champion
Balouchi Magi-Noire  - 3 Silver awards now a Champion

ChaCha Dot.Com (Dotty) 4 x Rubi's (gold for kitten) was nominated in both shows.
ChaCha Lara's Song 4 x Rubi's and nominated.
Our little 4 month old baby boy ChaCha Red Alert got 4 Rubi's (gold for kitten) and was nominated.

Our little 4 month old baby boy ChaCha Red Alert

A little "conversation" between friends.

WCF show

Pictured with Christelle and Ant.

Balouchi Star'n Stripes - Co-Owned with Christelle.
BOB  - Best in Show, 2nd CAC

SummerStar Singing the Blues of ChaCha
1st in the Blue class - 2nd CAC

Cats currently being shown:

CFSA:  Cat Federation of Southern Africa.

GrCh:SummerStar Singing the Blues of ChaCha (Imp. Germany)

ChaCha Fire Lilly
ChaCha Bohemien Rhapsody
ChaCha Lara's Song
ChaCha Dot.com
Balouchi Magi- Noire
ChaCha Mischief Maker


SACC: Southern African Cat Council

Ch.ChaCha Bohemien Rhapsody

Balouchi Magi-Noire
ChaCha Lara's Song
ChaCha Dot.com



Sp.Ch Balouchi Stars 'n Stripes - CFSA (Co-owned with Christelle Horne)

Ch. ChaCha Bohemien Rhapsody
ChaCha Lara's Song
ChaCha Dot.Com

WCF CASA show Durban 17th October 2009
GrCh.SummerStar Singing the Blues of ChaCha (Imp.Germany) pictures to the right of the picture - 2nd best Adult on show. 
Pictured with Christelle Horne Balouchi Persians - SpCh. Balouchi Prince Valient best Adult on show and Judge Dina Freitas.

SACC show July 2006 Mee-Ouser Maja- Bee Best on show


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