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Tauron Sugar Bear of ChaCha

COTY 2019 - 4th entire Persian/Exotic

COTY 2017 Placed 7th in the Entire section
 Spch ChaCha Kiyoko Kats Mr. Fernando RQ NQ

COTY 2017 Placed 8th in the kitten section
Ch ChaCha La Isla Bonita

Kitten runner up for COTY 2017
ChaCha Panache owned by Petrina Heulin.


ChaCha Corey

KwaZulu Natal Top Cat 2015
Best Persian Kitten and Natal Top kitten 2015!!

SACC COTY 2015 - 7th kitten NQ

SACC Grand Champion
ChaCha Pizzazz

KwaZulu Natal Top cat 2015
Best Persian Adult, Best Persian overall
Pizzazz is Natal Top cat 2015!!!

KwaZulu Natal Top Cat 2014
Best Persian/Exotic Kitten
4th best cat Natal Top Cat 2014

SACC Supreme Champion + CFSA Grand Champion + SACC NQ
Purrbridge Oooh La La of ChaCha

30.July 2011 - CFSA show  Durban - 4 x Rubi awards and nominated in the second show

LuLu was a little star at her 1st show ever!

SACC show Durban 6th August 2011

Nominated in the top 12 all breeds - Breed Award for Persian
Best exotic/persian kitten - 2nd best on show
SACC KZN Top Cat 2011 - Regional awards
Nominated in the top 12 all breeds - placed 5th - Best Persian/Exotic kitten 2011
Best Persian/Exotic 2011

24.03.12 - SACC - Champion - Best Persian/Exotic Adult
Nominated for Top 12 all breeds and placed 3rd

28th April 2012 - CFSA Durban double All breeds show (6 rings)
Nominated for best Persian female both shows

2.July 2012 - SACC show - SACC Grand Champion
Awarded best of breed award + Best Persian/Exotic Adult
Nominated in top twelve all breeds and placed 3rd.

TOP CAT NATAL Best Persian/Exotic Adult 2012

Natal Top cat 2015 - nominated and placed 10th